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Thinking of making the best investment?.... Choosing the right materials for your home could be a hard decision; you have to compare the quality, durability, costs and appearance. For exteriors there are 3 most commonly used materials: Brick, Vinyl Siding and EIFS also known as synthetic stucco.


Why Marble?

Next you will find 10 proved reason why marble based brick is the best option. (Neither Vinyl Siding nor EIFS have this characteristics):

1. Multiple Design Options: marble brick offers literally an unlimited color palette, so you have multiple options for the final appearance of your home.

2. Save Money!: marble brick could saves you money on utilities and insurance.

3. Maintainance Free: marble brick is extremely durable and requires virtually no maitenance.*

4. High Security: marble brick provides a non flammable barrier. (Vinyl siding can be easily cut with a utility knife and as it's made from plastic, which is highly flammable.) *

5. Free from Insect Infestation and Fungal Growth: because marble brick is an inorganic material, it does not react with other elements that cause fungus, stains and insect infectation. ( EIFS walls are termite's favorite place to live because of moisture.) *

6. Free from Moisture Intrusion: Marble brick have less than 6.5% of absorption,so it guarantees no water filtrations. (EIFS cannot keep water out of the wall. Barrier walls rely onkeeping water out, but because of penetrations trough the wall,cracks in the surface coating and the fact that caulks and sealants will fail, water entry is inevitable. ) *

7. Super White and Pastel Colors!:Because marble is a true white mineral it makes possible to produce perfectly white and shining brick. It also can be combined with natural aggregates to produce pastel colors.

8. Climate Resistance: Marble brick offers proven resistance to the test of time and climate.*

9. Value: marble brick increases the resale value of your home.

10. Elegance: marble brick is highly regarded because it projects an image of strength and classic beauty.*

* BIA Brick Industry Association




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